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Welcome to our social networking community BTA Globalx, where ‘tech meets connect’!

BTA Globalx comprises 300+ members, across 30+ countries, from various ethnicities, genders, religions, and socioeconomic statuses. With professionals such as experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners from all over the world, we are an ideal hub for connecting, collaborating, and learning together. At BTA Globalx, we foster a 'Givers-Get’ culture, encouraging our members to support and uplift one another. We believe that by giving, we will be rewarded tenfold or more in return.

Our mission

We're on a mission to provide resources and unwavering support for 1,000+ individuals worldwide every year, thus empowering them to achieve fulfilling personal and professional lives.

Our vision

We want to create a 'Care to Hold' community comprising soul-driven members bound by trust; committed to bringing peace, love, and prosperity to their societies; and striving to achieve greatness together by harnessing the collective talents of its exceptional members.

Our offer

We offer firm support to solopreneurs, freelancers, and professionals who are fully committed to achieving their goals, who recognize the importance of honing their skills and establishing a rewarding profession and a thriving business. For these dedicated members, we provide comprehensive training, mentorship, and consultation to help them become true experts and industry leaders. Together, we can expand our horizons, reach international heights, and attain even greater success.

Our goal

Our goal is to become the go-to destination for ambitious solopreneurs, freelancers, professionals, business leaders, trainers, and mentors who are looking to expand their network and accelerate their business or career growth. Over the next five years, we shall be growing our membership base with a special focus on increasing diversity and inclusion within our community. We aim to create new opportunities for our members through strategic partnerships, events, and resources that will help them thrive in their professional pursuits and increase the reach and impact of their businesses.

Founder Message

How many times have you heard the saying, “Your network is your net worth”?

BTA Globalx is developing a global network-cum-community comprising soul-driven members inspired by the philosophy of ‘Givers Get’, bound by integrity and trust, committed to working together in harmony and mutual respect and striving to achieve excellence and greatness together.

BTA Globalx will not just be a hub for connecting, collaborating, and learning together. We shall also be providing a platform for strengthening the fundamentals of success: knowledge and skills, relationships and networks, marketing and sales, and finance and money. We shall be offering holistic training programs, products, and services. And we shall be creating new opportunities for our members through strategic partnerships, events, and resources that will help them thrive in their professional pursuits and increase the reach and impact of their businesses.

Imagine a network that comprises professional and supportive members; that places an emphasis on learning from, training with, and mentoring the experts in our midst; and that provides a platform to facilitate meaningful interactions and foster enduring partnerships. Now include a culture that constantly encourages its members to serve the greater good.

Welcome to BTA Globalx.

Dr. Sangeeta Biswas

Founder & Chairman

Our Advisors

Our strength lies in our extensive international network and strategic expertise. The background of our advisors speak for themselves.

jannah levinge

Grooming & Personal Development

Dr. Paula Fellingham

Mentor & Total Excellence Trainer

Dr. Mak Malik

Pageant & Awards

Prof. Pauline Long

Serial Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Sajeev Nair

Peak Performance Coach, Author, Blockchain & Metaverse Enthusiast

Dr. Salim Alsalim

Leadership & Performance Trainer

Ada Goh Moh Ling

Fashion Design & Culture Entrepreneur

Our Team

Our strength lies in our individuality. This team of experts from different industries is set up by Dr Sangeeta Biswas, actively contributing to the community's growth in diverse ways and support.

Tanya Moulding

Clinical Aroma Therapy & Training

TeeJay Dowe

Transformation Training & Coaching

Moses Chundi

Indian Champissage Training

Smitha C Prabhakar

Holistic Wellbeing Training & Coaching

Rendy Tan Ravi

Corporate & Wellness Training & Coaching

Elle Quan

Technology & Web3

Julien Liu Liin Min

Music, Culture & Business

Rosmina Binte Baharom

Traditional Therapy

Prof Dr. Rano Rahmat

Medical Fitness

Reihana Abdullah

Transformation Training & Coaching

Anzar Vahid

Image Consulting & Marketing Management

Vinay Kumar Rai

Content Creative

Sai Karuna Chandra

Technology & Web Design

Linda Nam


Karthi Keyan

Video Creative

Kiran Kumar Sirikonda

Value Capital

Dr. Koh Lam Son


Dr. Raveendra Nathan Indusekhar


Dr. Sheik Alau'ddin Yacoob

Sports & Silat Martial Arts

Philippe Zhuang WangXiang

Wing Chun Martial Arts

Alice Kamunge

Beauty & Fashion School Management

Ivan Tan

Art, Culture, Bridging Connections

Badariya B Basir